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Micro Challenge 3 (Summer Ficlet Exchange)

Feel free to keep writing for the previous micro challenges!

CHALLENGE 3: Crossover

Write a ficlet that either is a crossover, or somehow creatively interprets the word crossover as inspiration.


CHALLENGE 2: "When thou has done, thou hast not done"
CHALLENGE 1: "Welcome Back!"

Signups open until July 29th.
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Micro Challenge 1, Welcome Back

OK, don't you know with a prompt like that someone had to go there?

Title: That Same Old Place That You Laughed About
Author(s): dreamflower02
Rating: G
Fandom: See End Notes
Character(s): See End Notes
Summary: What goes around, comes around. (A drabble)
Warnings: Possible earworm
Author's Notes: What can I say? That prompt...

That Same Old Place That You Laughed About
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Micro Challenge 1 (Summer Ficlet Exchange)

I will be posting a Micro Challenge once a week.  These are just for fun -- no voting involved. Write and post as many as you like!

CHALLENGE 1: "Welcome Back!"

Use the phrase "Welcome Back!" to inspire your work.

(Thank you capt_facepalm for the idea, and for #vaguechallengeisvague)

Signups open until July 29th.
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Summer Ficlet Exchange Promo Post

For anyone who is interested in promoting this exchange on their journal, here is a banner that hyperlinks to the signup post, as well as a description:

Sitting on the beach, wishing for a low key, multi-fandom, gen fic exchange? Then sign up for the Summer Ficlet Excange at great_tales! Signups open until July 29th.

Here is the html code if you want to put it in your private journal:

I'd love for you all to advertise at appropriate communities as well, but please give me a heads-up before you do.

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Summer Ficlet Exchange

Hello people who still faithfully follow great_tales!

We haven't had a post since October of last year, and that is something I am determined to change.  So we are beginning a Ficlet Exchange!  I know we've all enjoyed the December Drabble exchanges of the past, so I hope a Summer Ficlet Exchange will be just as fun!

For those who do not remember our Drabble Exchange, here is the general overview:

You sign up to write and to receive a story of between 100 and 250 words, I pair you up according to fandom, you write a story and send it to me, and I post them anonymously over a week or so.  Then we get to play "guess whose story" until the a big reveal.

Of course, the most important part of a story exchange is the participants, so please sign up, and get your friends to join, too! I will be posting micro challenges over the next two months for anyone who wants to get creative writing juices flowing, and hope to resume normal monthly challenges beginning in September.

If you plan to participate, I only need a little bit of information from each of you:

  1. Name

  2. Fandoms you’re willing to write for

  3. Fandoms you’d like to receive

  4. Two or Three prompts for your writer (just suggestions -- writer is not required to use them)

  5. Anything else you need to tell you writer

This is open to anyone, so tell all your friends!  Remember also that you're not limited to fandoms frequently written on this comm, or even fandoms we have a tag for.  In the past, there have been new fandoms represented in exchanges.  I'll be posting a banner to make advertising simple in a minute or two.  Please bear in mind, though, that this is a low-rating gen-het only comm.  The comm rules apply to this exchange just as much as to anything else.  Thank you!

Comm Rules

Please sign up in the comments to this post, using this form:

Here is the timeline:

Signups:  July 7-July 29
Assignments:  August 1 (I will be PMing you -- please make sure that you can receive PMs from me, if I'm not your lj friend!)
Drabbles Due:  August 22
Drabbles Posted:  August 24-August 31
Reveals:  September 5

As always, please comment with questions/concerns/typos/etc.  And have fun!